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Zakat Eligible Organizations and Causes

Below is a list of organizations and specific zakat funds in which donations received go 100% to zakat eligible entities. We are currently vetting more and hope to increase this list soon.

If you have a strictly zakat eligible charity you would like to see on this list, please email us at

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The Latina Muslim Foundation

The Latina Muslim Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization serving Muslim Refugees f...

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Ibn Asheer Institute Of Islam

We are a volunteer-run non-profit celebrating the ideals of Islam thru education and charitable work...

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Al-maun - Neighborly Needs - of Las Vegas Nv

In order to help improve the lives of others in the community, Al Maun offers a series of programs s...

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West Valley Muslim Association Zakat Fundraiser

WVMA adheres to strict standards for Zakat. This fund will be solely directed towards the 8 zakat-el...

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Hope Pakistan Zakat Fund

HOPE USA is a 501c3 charity which has been supporting poverty alleviation efforts in Pakistan since ...

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Apna Sahara Home for Disadvantaged Children, Hyderabad

Founded in 1996 as a government-registered youth orphanage for boys and girls, Apna Sahara is locate...

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ICOI Zakat Fund

100% of the Islamic Center Of Irvine’s Zakat fund goes towards providing zakat eligible members in t...

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Sahaba Initiative Zakat Fund

Sahaba Initiative's vision is to be the Southern California Muslim nonprofit leader in providing ser...

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Sabil Zakat Fund

Since 2010, Sabil has focused on eliminating homelessness, providing food, maintaining mental health...


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