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Why isn’t my org showing up in the search bar on your site?

Our search function is driven by IRS NTEE codes, pulling in any organizations that have filed with the IRS under the X-40 denomination, indicating a religious organization affiliated with the Muslim faith. The only name that will show in our search bar is the official name the organization registered under with the IRS. Sometimes nonprofits rebrand to different names or websites, which makes them harder to find within our search feature in order to donate your crypto to them.

If you are not finding your charity of choice in our search function, the first thing you should do is find your organization’s EIN, which usually is located somewhere on their website or can otherwise be readily obtained by contacting the charity (if the charity does not have an EIN then your donation will likely not be tax exempt). Once you have the EIN, you can enter it into the IRS’ search tool to find the official name the nonprofit status was secured under.

If you are still not finding your organization in our search results, please let us know by sending us the following information:


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